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About me. 


 Pioneering effective health and wellness ideas to  maximize the well-being of employees and clients. 

Simon Lüthi

Simon Lüthi is a transformational and customer-centric executive who ensures the well-being of employees and boosts organizational effectiveness by devising robust strategies, facilitating innovation, and launching system-wide changes. As an expert in health, wellness and travel who provides inspiring thought leadership, Simon cultivates a culture of mindfulness that yields team satisfaction, loyalty, and retention and enables employee development.


He is the CEO and founder of, a unique Wellness-as-a-Service software platform, helping companies save money on healthcare costs, and encouraging their employees to stay or get healthy. 


Simon also serves as the founder and chief wellness officer at Sacred Healing LLC, where he has leveraged a personal health crisis to enhance the well-being of 300+ clients with a focus on healing trauma, physical pain, and mental and emotional limitations. During this role, Simon has become a certified Reiki Master, growing his personal practice to support customers in establishing goals around their individual well-being. 


By drawing on his background in health and wellness, human design, technical solutions, and product

management, Simon exceeds key objectives and achieves continuous success.

Early in his career, during his tenure at American Express, Simon served as the vice president of global product management, advancing technology and product management for agent booking platforms and CRMs utilized by 5,500 employees throughout 23 countries. Simon simultaneously served as the organization’s health advocate, where he introduced a mindfulness/meditation app that increased productivity and employee satisfaction by 2,000 basis points (bps). He also created and led workshops that fostered the holistic well-being of all staff.


Simon is the creator of “Applied Neuro-Cellular Healing,” which combines and enhances multiple modalities he learned while studying with various healers from around the world, including Alberto Villoldo, Rita Pitka Blumenstein, and Nadine Reuter.


While serving as the managing director and general manager of Chase Travel at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Simon earned recognition for innovatively re-thinking the end-to-end travel booking experience, resulting in the acquisition of cxLoyalty.


Simon also served as the chief strategy officer at cxLoyalty (recently acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co.), where he has been instrumental in applying design thinking to the non-travel rewards and loyalty business, establishing new verticals and business ideas. Simon introduced a successful design thinking approach to rapidly scale the acquired company while retaining its autonomy, with current projections of fueling extensive sales and revenue growth.


Dedicated to professional growth, Simon holds a Bachelor of Business Administration equivalent in accounting and business/management from the Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich. 


He currently resides in Landenberg, Pennsylvania.

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